Exterior Cleaning Terms & Conditions

By agreeing to have EasyPro perform work on your property you agree to these terms.


  • Have water spigots activated and working on the day service is to be completed
  • Remove all patio furniture and other items that are in the work area. On Residential properties we are happy to help you remove these items at a fee of $5 per item. On commercial properties areas will not be cleaned when personal items are present unless express permission is granted by management – which will release EasyPro from the liability of damages. If items are not removed our team will do the best to clean around them – we are not responsible for any damages.
  • Have all doors and windows closed on day of service.
  • On multi-unit properties a notice is to be given to residence at least one week in advance.


  • EasyPro is not responsible for water intrusion. While our low pressure methods make it unlikely for this to happen, bad seals around windows and doors or cracks in concrete foundations sometimes make this unavoidable.
  • Washing alone does not always remove 100% of the oxidation from old, neglected surfaces. This oxidation shows up as a chalky residue.
  • Washing alone will not always correct discoloration in aluminum and vinyl siding, dryvit, stucco, or concrete due to prolonged deterioration of the surface. This is a problem caused by neglected maintenance.
  • Depending on the quality of your water, there may be some spotting on your windows. We do, however, use a rinse aid to minimize this. EasyPro is not responsible for the rare “fogging” effect that happens to multi pane windows with bad seals.
  • Please notify us if there are any surfaces on or near the property that cannot have any form of detergent or water on them. If we are not notified of this, EPPS is not responsible for any ill effects to any substrates regarding this matter.

  • EasyPro is the only company to be on site performing work unless otherwise discussed. Failure to notify us of other companies being on property could resort in a $150 surcharge.
  • Cancellation on the day of service by the client or due to the above mentioned requirements will result in a $50 rescheduling fee. 

Payment Terms

EasyPro offers several payment terms. However, our standard term is due upon job completion. See individual agreement for special payment terms. EasyPro is happy to accept cash, check or credit card.

Fee for a returned check is $ 45

Collection of Outstanding Debt

EPPS reserves the right to attach a mechanic’s lien against a property for non-payment. At 30 days past due a formal notice of intent to file this lien will be sent via registered mail. Interest rate of 2% per month begins accruing after day 31 of nonpayment. EPPS also reserves the right to enter into civil claims court to collect outstanding debt. All legal & collection fees incurred will be added to the remaining unpaid balance. By hiring EasyPro you agree to these terms. 

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EasyPro Property Services

Absolutely amazing company!! What else is there to say, the office staff down to the crew were highly professional and courteous. They showed up on time and did an amazing job without leaving a trace behind. I would HIGHLY recommend and will definitely be using them again in the future!!

Brandon H.

EasyPro Property Services

We are always impressed with the service and the results we receive from your visit. Our home looks great and we have clean windows again. Totally satisfied with your service and your staff. Would highly recommend for your exterior cleaning needs.

The Kastners

EasyPro Property Services

Easy Pro provided power washing on two different apartment communities. They did an amazing job power washing the buildings, wooden/vinyl fencing, and all of our carport posts. Both of our communities look tremendously better!

Gabriel L.


You can rest assured that you will be working with the most professional exterior cleaning service company through your entire experience.