Preparing a Deck for Staining

Does your deck need some new life breathed into it? No matter if you are enjoying the warmth of summer or preparing for the cool nights of fall-your deck could be the focal point of your outdoor living space with just a few easy steps.

1. Make repairs
Depending on the age of your deck, you may need to replace some or all of the boards and supporting beams. Check your deck for rotted wood, loose nails or screws, and splintered boards. Replace anything that may be damaged or cause injury. Also, check where the deck connects to the house for rust, water damage, or loose bolts. Finally, check your railings and steps for damages or loose pieces. If you are a successful DIY-er then you can save yourself quite a bit a of money and make the repairs yourself. Otherwise, collect quotes from contractors to make the repairs.

2. Cleaning
Once repairs have been made the deck will need a good cleaning before the stain is applied. Consider hiring a professional like EasyPro to come and do a cleaning and treatment. We have a professional, knowledgeable team that can assist you with making sure your deck is ready to go. Cleaning will be important to extend the life of your stain and the life of your deck.

3. Apply stain
Using a sprayer or a good old roller apply the stain of your choice. It make take several coats to get a uniform look between new and old wood. Using a stain that is somewhere between transparent and semi-transparent will help old and new wood look the same after staining.

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