Homeowner FAQ: Power Wash DIY or Pro?

Professionalism and expertise matter. You wouldn’t trust just anybody to fix your car-right?

So why would you trust just anybody with a pressure washer to wash your house, concrete, or fencing? Any Tom, Dick, or Harry can go to Lowe’s or Home Depot and buy a pressure washer. And I’m sure they’ve told you they’ll give you a “real good deal” to wash your house. A real good deal could quickly turn into a real horrible nightmare if Tom, Dick, or Harry damages your property. That $75 house wash just turned into hundreds of dollars in damage.

With EasyPro, you can rest assured that we are going to take care of you and your property-with the best customer service experience.

  • We are NOT just your regular Joe-Schmo’s with a pressure washer from the local hardware store. We have highly skilled and trained technicians that know exactly what it takes to get your property cleaned.
  • We back our services with a 12 month guarantee!
  • We save you time (and money!) Our whole process is EASY! From the quote to the wash-we promise to be efficient and mindful of your time. Do you have to be home while we power wash? Nope!
  • Safety is important to us. Our technicians can wash your home without ever having to leave the ground! Which means no ladders for you! Also, most people don’t realize that you can seriously injure yourself using high pressure machines. Let the trained professionals handle that!
  • EasyPro is fully licensed, insured and listed with the BBB. When you call us, you’re getting quality workmanship.
  • We pride ourselves in the equipment and cleaning knowledge we have acquired to give you the best power washing experience. We don’t use high pressure machines and our soaps are a special blend that we put together to get your surfaces CLEAN!

Don’t trust your property cleaning to just anybody…make life EASY and call a PRO!

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