Homeowner FAQ: Power Washing Service

Power Washing Service,

When a customer schedules a cleaning with us, often, they are not sure what kind of preparing for a power washing service need to be made before our team shows up on their property.  Do you have to be home when we are there? Find out here from our friends at First Choice!

The following list will ensure that we can provide you with the best power washing service and experience:
  • Move furniture:  All furniture (tables, chairs, decor) will need to be removed from areas being cleaned.  Our goal is to be quick and efficient.  Most of the time, our technicians are flying solo-so having your furniture moved allows them to do their job without extra labor.
  • Make sure water connections are functioning:  All exterior water connections should be functioning and easily accessible for the technician to use.
  • Close Windows: Make sure all windows are closed and sealed.  We don’t want any water coming in through openings.
  • Make note of any damage pre-wash:  Take a walk around your property and the areas to be cleaned.  Take note of any damage, warping, etc. pre-wash.
  • Remove screens:  If a window cleaning is included in the services for your property, it will be imperative that all of your screens be removed from the windows.  Otherwise, we will not be able to clean the windows properly.

We pride ourselves in excellent customer service and we want your experience to be the best!  Help us by having these items taken care of so that we can take of your mold, mildew, algae, and dirt. 

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