What’s Your House Saying?


When’s the last time you took a long look at your house? Is it tired and old looking? Is it in need of some TLC? Your home exterior makes a statement…so what’s yours saying?

Things to Affect you House Looks:

Windows are like the eyes of your house… Have your windows been updated recently? If not, it may be time to check out your options for replacing them. Obviously, you want the most bang for your buck and energy efficient (which saves you a few dollars). Check some of your local companies and get some estimates. Changing out your windows can give your house exterior an instant face lift.

Go up, out, or across. Sometimes adding structure (even if it’s faux) can add balance and symmetry to the exterior of your home. Things like dormers, new shutters, columns, etc. can all add beautiful enhancements to your existing structure. Try adding a section of stone, brick, or wood to contrast with your other exterior elements.

A coat of paint goes a long way. Paint the front door so that it pops or has a special meaning for you. Paint the shutters to make your windows pop! Add a coat of paint or whitewash to your siding or brick and then add nice trim color. Remember to choose colors that complement your style and your home’s architecture. Explore the contrasts of dark to light and see what great ideas you can come up with.

Cleaning and maintenance are IMPORTANT! Have your sidewalks, windows, and roof cleaned to keep them bright, lovely, and looking new. Also, fix anything that may be broken or damaged. Small things like that can affect the way your house looks.

Update where you can! Little things matter as much as the big ones. New doors, new door knobs, new doorbells. Try new pots and planters to enhance the flowers at your entryway. Choose new, bold house numbers. Even change out your doormat for something new and up to date. Bigger things might be your exterior lighting or even your garage door. All of these things can add a quick, fresh update to your home’s exterior.

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