Is Your House Ready for Fall? Preparing Your Home for FallIs

Preparing Your Home for Fall,

It’s hard to believe that the fall season is almost here. And while many are thinking about pumpkin flavored EVERYTHING, as a homeowner there are some things you should be checking up on to make sure you are preparing your home for fall that is coming.

Here is Checklist for Preparing Your Home for Fall

HVAC Serviced:

Having your HVAC serviced regularly is important to life of your system and the safety of your home. With colder weather coming make sure your furnace is functioning properly. Also, check your filter and change it if necessary.

Check Driveways/Patios/Sidewalks:

Take a stroll down your driveway and sidewalks…an OBSERVANT stroll. Check for cracks and damage that may need repaired before winter. Harsh, winter weather can take a major toll on your concrete surfaces so head off the problems early.

Fertilize your Lawn:

Giving your lawn a treatment before winter will help solidify it’s growth and root system before the freezing weather hits. This will give your lawn a boost in the spring.


It’s a job nobody likes-but it’s necessary! Gutters should be cleaned several times a year, but as you are going into fall (and probably before winter again) make sure they are clear of debris, leaves, sticks, etc. This will prevent damage to your roof and keep the drain flowing properly.

Stock up on Winter Supplies:

Fall is the time to stock up on any winter supplies you might need. Prices will increase as the weather gets colder to grab your de-icers, salt, shovels,etc, while they are in stock and lower priced.

Safety Features:

Fall is a good time to check all of your home’s safety features. Change batteries in your smoke/CO detectors and check that they are working properly. Also, check the dates on your homes fire extinguishers (yes, you should have at least one in the kitchen). This would be a good time to review your fire escape plan with your family as well.

Chimney Inspection:

Cooler weather means gathering around the fireplace! Have your chimney cleaned and inspected for any issues before firing it up.

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