Height Does Count – The Ideal Mowing Height

Ideal Mowing Height,

Proper mowing is one of the most important practices in keeping your lawn healthy and green. Many individuals recognize the importance of wearing protective clothing and making sure your mower blades are sharp. However, not many people realize the importance of mowing height. Proper mowing height is extremely critical to the life of your lawn.

The Ideal Mowing Height:

Current standards suggest mowing your grass at 3.5 – 3.75 inches. Mowing at this height helps the grasses become more stress tolerant. “This is especially important during the summer heat period. Taller grass plants with higher density have a profound shading effect on the soil surface, which reduces germination of weed seeds, particularly crabgrass. This is an excellent way to reduce herbicide use, especially where the lawn is properly fertilized and watered to maintain vigor” (Frank, K). Also, mowing at the proper height requires less water for your lawn and encourages root growth.

Low mowing or scalping affects the overall vigor of the lawn by reducing the plants ability to manufacture food, which in turn damages the crown and reduces root growth. This is what increases weed infestations by allowing more light to the soil surface.

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