How to Prepare your Home for Winter Damaging Effects

how to prepare your home for winter

Learn how to prepare your home for winter:

Winter is upon us-there’s no denying it. Even with a few mild days scattered in-between, January and February are sure to show us the full brute force of winter.

Since your house is probably your largest investment, it would be wise to take some precautions to ensure your home’s exterior survives the winter chill with minimal damage:

Clean your gutters. Of course, this should have already been done, but if you get lucky and get a mild day, climb up and make sure your gutters are free of debris, that all the downspouts are clear and draining properly, and that all the brackets are in place and holding. Consider installing gutter guards when the clean out is complete to keep new debris out.

Check your soffit for damage. No matter the age of your home, you should be paying attention to the soffit that is connected to your gutters. Rotten, damaged wood can allow for even greater damage if unchecked.

Trim trees and remove loose, dead branches. Tree branches can cause significant damage during winter storms. Falling limbs crash to roofs and gutters. Loose and dead limbs should be cleared and you should trim your tree branches back to protect your home and all electrical wiring.

Seal windows and doors. Cold air and water seeps in wherever it can. Make sure all windows and doors close properly, have good weather stripping/trim, and re-caulk any areas that may not be sealed.

Check siding and shingles for damage. If your home has vinyl siding-you should check for damage, gaps, and warping. You should also check your roof and shingles for any missing or damaged areas.

A little preparation goes a long way. Doing these things will help ensure that your house escapes winter relatively unscathed.

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