How to Landscape on a Budget

At EasyPro, we are all about enhancing the look of your home. We can help with the cleaning of your exterior, your patio, your deck, and your driveway, but there are things you can do that won’t break the bank to improve the outside look of your home. Landscaping can be a budget-friendly way to increase the curb appeal and overall look of your home.

A very easy and common way to landscape is to put in a flower beds. You can choose mulch or rock and even put up a border that gives definition to your garden and your yard. You can choose materials that match your budget and the exterior of your home. Cleaning out weeds and overgrown plants will make a huge difference in the way your house looks. Even if you don’t have a green thumb you can find user friendly plants at your local nursery to plant and won’t require much effort. Choose colors that complement the architecture and exterior color of your home. Also, try using planters in different sizes and shapes to add dimension.

Another idea is to construct paths for high traffic areas and to connect areas of interest. Have a nice patio that you want to connect to the backyard? Build a small wooden or stone path that leads from one to the other. It will become a natural feed into those areas that guests will follow. These paths can be made of wood, stone, or pavers to add some character. Areas of high traffic can be masked and beautified with simple landscaping. Defined paths naturally draw attention to what you WANT to be seen.

You can also create “islands” of flowers, trees, and shrubs in your yard where areas might be more difficult to mow. These defined areas create a colorful space and can hide trouble spots in your yard.

Consider adding specific features such as a water feature, retaining walls, or different planters/boxes that add dimension and height. Lighting can be a way to tie areas together as well.

All of these ideas can fit any budget and be easily implemented to create the look of a well-groomed yard and home.

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