EasyPro Safely Restores the Exterior of a 100+ Year Old House!


EasyPro helped a local Carrollton, KY homeowner restore the exterior of her 100+ year old home. The homeowner decided to give EasyPro a call after several failed attempts by other contractors to lean the mildew from the exterior of her wood sided home. “I had a company come out and clean it off but it came right back.” Worried about the massive cost of repainting this 3 story historic home, June simply wanted an EASY solution to remove the black mildew plaguing her white painted home.

After closely looking at the areas of flaking paint and older window seals, DJ knew that this was the perfect job for EasyPro’s low pressure cleaning system. This system would not only clean the house effectively and safely but it would ensure that the mildew would be attacked at a biological level, making sure that Ms. Oney would not have to worry about this problem for many years to come.

Home Exterior Restoration

Not only did EasyPro deliver on a perfectly cleaned house – This entire house was cleaned without loosing a single piece of paint!

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