Our History…

EasyPro Property Services was established in September 2008 by President and Founder DJ Carroll. With the passion for success and the desire to build life long relationships with his clients, EasyPro has quickly grown to become one of the industry leaders in the midwest and southeast markets.

“I truly believe that our team is what sets us apart from the competition. With our holistic approach to our client’s needs & challenges, every member of our team goes above and beyond to help provide realist solutions that maintain the great relationship our clients have come to expect from us!” 

DJ Carroll ~ President/Founder

The Tri-state’s Best Curb Appeal Company!

EasyPro has Certified PRO’s all across the country that live to serve homeowners & property managers! You can rest assured that you will be working with the most professional exterior cleaning service company through your entire experience.

Power Washing & Pressure Washing

We specialize in pressure washing and power washing. Whether you have a deck that needs cleaning or roof/siding, we are here to help!

Roof Cleaning

From house washing to holiday lighting, we help you keep your home in excellent shape!

Pure Water Window Cleaning

Our pure water technology allows us to use industry leading carbon fiber poles to clean windows safely from the group. Keeping us & your wallet safe!

Height Does Count

Proper mowing is one of the most important practices in keeping your lawn healthy and green. Many individuals recognize the importance of wearing protective clothing and making sure your mower blades are sharp. However, not many people realize the importance of mowing height. Proper mowing height is extremely critical to the life of your lawn....

EasyPro safely restores the exterior of a 100+ year old house!

EasyPro helped a local Carrollton, KY homeowner restore the exterior of her 100+ year old home. The homeowner decided to give EasyPro a call after several failed attempts by other contractors to lean the mildew from the exterior of her wood sided home. “I had a company come out and clean it off but it...

Get Your Home Ready For Spring

Each year, the return of the Spring season declares the act of ‘Spring Cleaning.’ That welcome feeling of renewal inspires us to clean, freshen, open the windows and organize. The thawing temperatures lure us outside to get our gardens growing. Here are some tips on how to get your home (inside and out) ready for...

Professional Affiliations

As part of a very competitive industry, EasyPro engages in cooperative partnerships and is an active member in various associations to stay ahead of the curve in what we do! EasyPro Property Services is very active within our local, regional and national Affiliations . We are members of the Carroll County and Oldham County Chamber...

Protecting Your Home’s Exterior in the Summer

Is anybody melting yet? The summer heat can be absolutely brutal for us...and for your home’s exterior. It is important to pay attention to the exterior of your home to ensure you are heading off any potential problems. Neglected exteriors can be VERY costly so it’s better catch the issues early. Here are some tips:...